Dope Testing

Dope Testing

Dope tests are generally administered before admission to a drug or alcohol treatment program to determine the condition of the patient's system prior to treatment. Dope testing may be carried out at regular intervals or at any time throughout rehabilitation and recovery to keep individuals accountable, sober, honest, and drug free during recovery. Random dope tests are harder to beat and therefore more challenging to predict. Dope testing may also prevent dangerous relapsing episodes. As a drug addiction treatment center, We help you out to recover with a satisfactory output.

Types Of Dope Testing


Best practice of drug testing in legal way. It takes 1 to 3 days for verification of positive result.


One of the most effective ways to detect long-term drug usage. it can measure up to 90 days of drug usage.


Most possible way to detect drug usage immediately just after ingested, requires 1-3 days for positive result.

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This is an alternative produces similar to hair test. It can measure up to 8 months of drug usage.

Sweat/ Skin

A patch applied on the skin to monitor drug presence as long as it's worn, usually worn for between 1 - 7 days.

Specialty Testing

An ideal method to test for unknown substances, including heavy metals, toxins, and poisons.

Why You Need
Dope Testing?

Dope testing is a serious issue for determining the progress of recovery process and understanding the client’s current needs to achieve the recovery goals.
Before commencing therapy, we discuss the factors that may enable a relapse with our client and how drug screening can aid minimize it.

Best Rehab Center In Bangladesh

A Safe environment for detox

If you are looking for detoxification, our inpatient medical detox program at AMAR HOME can provide it for you. Here, you’ll receive high-quality care in a comfortable and homelike setting. The staff of this center will coordinate an interdisciplinary care plan for you with a medical team and medical practitioner.

Individual treatment

There is no "one-size-fits-all" detoxification plan. Our staff of intake professionals will develop a treatment plan to meet your unique needs. In the case of extreme withdrawal, they may prescribe medications to help manage your problem. Detox is done with constant medical supervision so treatment modifications can be made along the way.

Inpatient Detox

Inpatient detox is the most involved and engaging form of treatment, requiring an extended stay at the recovery facility. The advantages of inpatient detox include the fact that it provides 24 / 7 medical care and psychiatric monitoring in a medical-controlled environment, ensuring that recovery is much more successful.

Co-occurring conditions

If you suffer from co-occurring physical and mental disabilities, inpatient medical detoxification would be best for you. Our doctors and specialists are trained in handling substance abuse problems when present in conjunction with additional conditions.

A safe environment

Being in a threatening or hazardous environment can make detox considerably harder. This is the reason our facility maintains a supportive, safe environment that will help you heal from substance abuse and provide a stable context for like-minded peers.

Drug Addiction Treatment In Dhaka
Best Rehab Center In Bangladesh

Dope Testing Accuracy

A urinalysis is a simple type of drug screening test to conduct a urine test, and it is one of the easiest to administer. Certain drugs or vitamin supplements could affect the validity and accuracy of urine-test results. For dope tests to provide accurate results, the probability of falsely detecting the drug or psychiatric medication is about 10 to 15 percent, and the probability of falsely diagnosing the infection is 5 to 10 percent.

Hair tests might result in a more comprehensive drug abuse picture, although they cost substantially more than urine tests. As hair grows  slowly, so it can require a few weeks for drugs to appear in tresses. Blood tests might be more effective than urinalysis at uncovering drugs, but drugs can diffuse quickly through the bloodstream and only be detectable for a few days.

Oral dope tests are much more effective at detecting controlled substances like methamphetamine, marijuana, and cocaine than, for instance, urinalysis.

An adhesive bandage is applied to large regions of skin in order to generate sweat testing for a drug rehabilitation program. This tool has been widely used to facilitate such testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to pass a urine test?

The most common form of dope testing is Urine Test. For occasional users who use substance less than 2 times in a week can be test positive for 1-3 days. A regular user who use substances several times per week can test positive for 7–21 days after last use. An excessive user can test positive for a month or longer after last use.

What Shows Up In A Drug Urine Test?

Urine drug testing may detected for multiple substances like nicotine amphetamines,methadone, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, marijuana,alcohol, and cocaine.

How far back will a swab dope test go?

It takes 5-48 hours to detect positive result in saliva dope testing.
A mouth saliva dope test detection period is generally 5–48 hours. Drugs can be detected within one or two days in blood and two to four days in urine in comparison with saliva dope testing.

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