10 Factors Need to Consider Before Choosing Rehab Center

As Mizan walks into his home, his wife hugs their daughter, not letting her go to her father. In a moment, Mizan feels the world crashing around him, realizing the gravity of his choices. 

As he recalls the first time his work buddies convinced him to let loose at a party they attended, the first time he felt an opioid rush through his veins. 

How this one-time thing became a monthly thing, monthly to weekly, and just before he could grasp the situation, he had gone away from his family, far away.

According to statistics 2019,  About 7.5 million people in Bangladesh were strongly addicted to drugs.  The majority of them are unemployed.   

So there are innumerable Mizans, around me, around you. Seeking light, hoping someone would understand. 

So, what can we do? 

We can heal with kindness. Every addict is capable of Recovering with love, effort, and compassion.

Is the Treatment process hard? 

Yes, certainly. But it needs A consistent recovering process.

With love and support from family members, anyone can overcome the addiction under the supervision of any trustworthy rehab centre that vows to help, protect and heal. 

Many Rehab centres in Dhaka, Bangladesh can help our loved ones who require help and us.

However, we should keep a few things in mind when choosing the best rehab centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh for us or our loved ones. 

Don’t worry; we’ll be guiding you through the selection process because we know how important this is to you.

Here we will discuss 10 important factors you need to consider before choosing a rehab centre in Bangladesh.

10 Factors Need to Consider Before Choosing a Suitable Rehab Center 

1. Get to know your objectives better.

Addiction is a CURSE that affects one’s mental, physical, and social life. It’s heartbreaking to see our loved ones suffer from addiction.

The right rehabilitation center offers a variety of treatment plans that target specific needs and behaviours you would like to address.

To figure out what exactly your needs are, take some time to think about the kinds of things that you would like to be different in your life and any behaviours you would like to change.

Once you identify those aspects you want to change or improve on, the next step is determining the timeline to achieve those goals during your recovery journey.

What would you like to accomplish over the first few weeks or months (short-term goals), the next 6-12 months (medium-length goals), and the next few years (long-term goals)? For most potential patients, the most critical thing to consider is whether or not they are ready to get clean and sober. 

You read The Detail Guide about how to start a sober lifestyle

Many potential treatment seekers struggle to identify their goals clearly, and that’s fine.

Therefore, we suggest you contact a treatment provider and complete a substance abuse evaluation.

A treatment provider will be able to assist in identifying goals and learning how to accomplish them. There are many counsellors out there waiting to guide you through this path.

2. Research & Compare Various Rehab Options

You must shortlist various rehab options and do thorough research; The criteria should include environment and your privacy.

The environment will be a crucial factor in your healing journey. Different people find peace in different places and settings, and you need to figure out the place that calms you down. Also, acknowledge the state of cleanliness of the rehab you are getting into.

Please take note of the cleanliness of the facility when exploring it. You don’t want to try a rehabilitation center in an unclean and dirty environment. Maintaining an ordered and tidy environment can assist you in focusing your attention where it belongs: on your therapy.

Your privacy is the most sensitive issue in the entire procedure. Therefore it’s critical to know that your privacy is safeguarded and that the institution you’ll be visiting has taken extraordinary steps to preserve it.

Rehab providers are not authorized to publish that you are actively enrolled in their program without your permission. Make sure to ask about the privacy policies at the treatment centre you’re considering.

Rehab centres like Amar Home offer you a compassionate and cooperative environment that gives the feeling of a second home away from home, just the kind you require for your journey towards freedom.

3. Treatment Programs & Facilities

Not every procedure suits everyone, and this is only natural. So you must choose the right Drug Addiction Treatment center that works for you in your journey. We’ll be discussing a few forms of Drug Addiction Treatment in Bangladesh to give you more clarity:

Inpatient Treatment

Residential treatment programs provide patients with a monitored, supportive environment for the duration of their recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs enable patients to continue working and commuting with their families during an inpatient stay in a healthy process.

Aftercare Treatment

Continued care is structured where a person enjoys progress after completing a formal addiction treatment program.

Rehab Centers in Bangladesh like Amar Home provide all the viable treatments making the journey easier for you.

They assign you your required treatment by drug testing. This is a prerequisite to assessing drug abuse in the preliminary stage of drug addiction treatment. The treatment plan is designed based on drug abuse.

4. Professional Expertise

Before getting into rehab, you must know how your counsellors are and the professional expertise they bring in because they will be your confidante throughout your entire healing process.

As your counsellors will be your most significant help in recovering, you may fail your treatment if they do not have professional expertise or if they’re not the right match for you.

Great drug rehab counsellors will not push you to follow a specific path or way of thinking to recover; they will help you along the road like your best friend.

Your drug counsellor serves as a guide rather than a director. They may have some therapy options and ideas that might benefit you, but they should point you on the proper path and then leave it up to you to decide how to utilize the information you have provided.

You should usually look for another counsellor if your drug counsellor presses their program or treatment techniques on you. Not only the counsellors, the staff, and the overall rehab center should be doing their job with care and professionalism.

5. Length of Addiction Treatment Program  

In the treatment of drug addiction, rehabilitation is the process of restoring what the person has lost due to their addiction.

It is a method for a drug addict to recover from physical and psychological harm and familial and social isolation and reintegrate into drug-free, healthy and joyful life. 

The initial stage in this approach is to persuade the person to seek therapy. The client is then enrolled in a detoxification program. Following detoxification, crucial tasks include delivering knowledge about addiction, training on desire control, relapse prevention skills and strategies, and training and treatments to address the patient’s behavioural and psychological issues.

The recovery technique assists the client in understanding the whole process of drug addiction. It is also demonstrated to the individual why they have continued to abuse drugs. People are also taught about the situations that lead to drug usage and are given information and skills to help them avoid relapsing.

In this process, the individual establishes a habit of leading a harmonious life by balancing work, obligations, recreation/sports, and leisure, thereby protecting himself against drug cravings. The person takes responsibility for rehabilitation in this treatment, which is lengthier than medical detoxification. For more deets and clarity, feel free to talk to counsellors at Amar Home.

6. Psychological Therapies 

Life isn’t kind; we’ve all had experiences which shook us to our core at one point in our lives. What’s important is if we let these experiences traumatize us even now.

Almost all of the drug rehab centres in Bangladesh offer physiological therapies. Many people who attend therapy are dealing with emotional problems or abuse.

If you want to have your shot at peace, you must address these aspects of your life. You will face difficulties and tensions throughout your life. A decent treatment facility will include group and individual therapy sessions to educate you on how to deal with life. Topics such as dealing with temptation, significant life difficulties, and money concerns should be covered. You’ll also need a firm plan to assist you in healing from any pains you’ve had due to previous abuse or trauma.

7. Amenities 

What amenities are provided to you in your enrolled rehabilitation centre is imperative to your healing process as being engaged in various activities will help you recover more feasibly.

If table tennis, swimming, fitness programs, gyms, nutritional advice, and housekeeping are available, these can act as sources of entertainment for you- allowing you to keep yourself active and your mind fresh. Cultural programs are an essential therapeutic practice for human beings. Amar Home helps its clients to create their cultural programs. During the festival season, they make exciting programs and write their plays.

8. Location 

Another significant element to consider while choosing a rehab is its location. Attending a treatment clinic near home may be advantageous, but it may also be damaging if you are surrounded by negative influences that may rapidly bring you down. In most circumstances, it is preferable to attend a treatment facility far away from your house.

However, if you have ties to the community or your home, such as children, staying closer rather than farther away may be necessary.

Rehab centers like Amar Home believe that no one can become healthy without the support of their family. So they have programs for families, where patients can learn to behave and interact with their family members in this changed situation. They have a functional family support program which makes location selection easier.

9. Accreditation & Recognition

Accreditation for rehab centers is very critical. Accreditation certifies that a drug or alcohol treatment center satisfies specific criteria. These are both safety and quality norms.

Accreditation for rehab facilities is also crucial since it encourages continuous improvement in the quality of service delivered. As a result, approved rehabs are not just beneficial. They’re becoming better all the time. And recognition is also significant for selecting a good rehab center in Bangladesh. 

Amar Home provides Evidence-Based Comprehensive Treatment.

Their highly experienced and certified doctors provide the treatment according to the need. Their comprehensive program for drug addiction treatments includes detoxification and outpatient and residency facilities.

For nearly 10 years, people have chosen Amar Home, founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh, as their preferred rehabilitation center. They have expertise in drug addiction treatment. They create a unique experience for you right from the beginning. Their success stories are commendable, making them a trustworthy Rehab Center in Bangladesh. 

10. Cost 

On the surface, rehab in Bangladesh appears to be costly, but in the long run, you will spend significantly less money on treatment than you will on your drug and alcohol addiction. You need to grasp that this is a healing process, and it is, in fact, an investment.

So, what is the Cost of Rehab in Bangladesh? While some counseling sessions are less costly than others, there are a variety of addiction treatments to choose from, whichever suits you the best. To know the exact payment, you’ll need to contact your desired rehab center via phone or mail.

Healing from addiction is an arduous process, but it’s not an impossible one.  There are so many Rudros out there yearning to hug his precious daughter. With our help, they can get second chances and lead a healthy life. Always remember, Committing to abstaining from drugs shouldn’t damage your life; it’s a healing journey.

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