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We will welcome you with greetings. Then our staff will collect your medical samples and ask for some vital information related to your medical history.  These medical samples will help to determine the level of treatment. 

After submission of the application forms, our staff will prepare an inventory list that the items that come along with you. Once the intake process is complete our intake coordinator will take you to your assigned bedroom. 

When you arrive at AMAR HOME, you’ll be given a mental evaluation within the very first 24 hours to guarantee any mental health issues are addressed. Our treatment programs are designed to address the whole individual and not just their addiction.

Length of treatment among other patients will be based on the individual needs and recommendations of each particular patient. The treatments are tailor-made according to the requirements of the patients’ medical conditions and main objectives. Dependent upon the treatment duration, outcomes for patients improve.

Yes. We offer medication-assisted treatment. The medication is available at AMAR HOME.

Yes. Obviously, we will protect your privacy.

Yes, you may bring your cell phone and computer; however, there are some restrictions on when you are permitted to use them.

We recommend that you pack in light and comfortable clothing and shoes. Pack according to your need. We choose to provide complimentary laundry services, and thus you can bring lightly worn clothing from home. If you choose to bring along a few good books to read and daily needs bring that too.

It is important to note that the time you spend in residential treatment is completely focused on your recovery, which will consist of time spent in the facility focusing on your treatment. However, there may be Group outings once you step down to a lower level of care and with medical clearance.

Yes, we have physicians and psychiatrists who are experts in addiction. Our medical team is available 24/7. Clients can meet regularly with their doctors as needed.

Yes! Every bedroom and living room at AMAR HOME is well equipped with a flat-screen television and streaming Channels

The house is staffed with two professional chefs that cook at our local off-site kitchen. The meals are then prepared in our facility kitchen and served in the dining room. You will have three meals a day along with snacks. If you have specific dietary concerns, we are able to accommodate them.

We Are Here to Help You

Your communications will be treated with confidentiality and compassion. We are not interested in pressuring you, we only want to ease your burden and provide assistance. Please reach out with any question, no matter how small.