12 Effective Ways for ANYONE To Quit Drug Addiction Right Now

How To Quit Drug Addiction

There might be various reasons for being addicted to substances or drugs. Your addictive behavior is continuously creating problems in your life and hampers other’s life. 

Is it really possible to quit the drug addiction instantly? 

This confusion might arise in your mind. There was no chance to become addicted when having intake for the very first time. You may have taken the drug as fun and could not stop yourself to control your addiction. 

You will wonder to know that, anyone can quit drug addiction like others.

A drug addiction treatment and rehab center will help you to recover from the addiction.      

Here we have listed 12 effective ways to stop taking drugs permanently for any addicted person. 

Cause and Effect of Drug Addiction

A lot of research is still going on to understand drug addiction or substance abuse deeper. Some commonly accepted causes for drug addiction are as follows:

  • Mental health issues such as depression or trauma
  • The extreme level of stress 
  • Childhood trauma, such as the loss of a parent, an abusive parent, or a family member, influenced the use of drugs by adults, etc.
  • Poor “people skills” or inability to socialize well. 
  • Abusive or unsupportive spouse
  • Influence by friends or peer pressure to gel in a group

Some apparent effects of drug abuse or addiction are as follows:

  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Cardiovascular (heart) problems
  • dehydration-induced seizures 
  • damage to the immune system causing other diseases to attack
  • digestive tract problems (food intake)
  • abrupt sleeping habits
  • coma in the long-run

How To Stop Drug Addiction

#1. A Positive Mindset for Change

No matter what you do, you need an impetus from within to change something. Even in the case of drug abuse, one needs to believe they can change their habits permanently. Develop an action plan in consultation with a consultant or enroll in rehabilitation with a positive mindset. 

#2. Realize The Negative and Harmful Effects of addiction

One has to understand the harmful effects of addiction. It is advised that you list down the negative effects that you feel after getting deeply involved with drug abuse. You should focus on your behavior, relationship with family members and peers, noticeable unnatural habits, and any unwanted physical or health problems that face or feel. 

#3. Make A Strong Commitment to Quit Drug  

You should be adamant about your decision to leave drugs. There may be peer pressure that can make you rethink leaving drugs. But, for the well-being of your family and your future, you should stay true to yourself and move forward with this step. 

#4. Set A Date to Quit Drug 

Treat your decision to quit drugs as a “mission”.  Like any mission, you should have a goal (which is leaving drugs in this case) and a set time to achieve it. You should jot down the start of the mission (today) to the end of the mission (the month of the year you want or believe you can completely come out of this condition). As per research, recovery takes usually 30 to 90 days.

#5. Don’t Wait to Seek Professional Support

Addicted people need professional support. However, in case you are unable to manage professional help instantly, please seek help from trustworthy friends. Or even better, lay out your own plan and stick to it. Do your research and find out ways to overcome addiction according to your plan. Self-help really can be the best help.

#6. Identify The Triggers & Avoid the Triggers  

If you place your hands on fire, they will burn. After that, you have to seek a remedy with at least cold water and avoid doing the same. Similarly, if you go back to the place or people that influenced you into this mess, you will get “burned” again. 

So, you should find out the “triggers” behind this addiction and find out ways to avoid them once and for all. It could be a place, a person or even a “content” on the web. 

#7. Decrease The Frequent Consumption of The Drugs

Addiction does not go away in a day. Like any long-term change, it takes time to revert back to normal conditions. Similarly, you won’t be able to get rid of drug consumption in a matter of a few days or weeks. As per research, it takes a thorough plan and at least a month, depending on your rehabilitation process.  Also, you will face withdrawal side effects which could slow down the recovery process. Withdrawals can also harm you negatively, but that is temporary. This is the body’s way of responding to change. The best way to go about is to slowly reduce substance intake, daily, weekly, and monthly. 

#8. Change The Environment (If needed)

In line with point number 7, we advise you to leave any place that could trigger addiction, IMMEDIATELY! Unless otherwise, it is your home or place of residence, please leave a place full of negative energy. If you cannot leave the place, reset or change the environment accordingly. Throw away any objects or material that leads to addiction or addictive behavior. If needed, let go of people in your home who encourage these. 

#9. Follow The Plan Strictly 

Stay committed to your plan. Do not take “breaks” from the plan.  Even if you feel an urge to go back to your addictive levels, try to block the feeling, as much as you can. Follow the routine designed in your plan. Your strong intent and robust plan shall lead you to victory over addiction. 

#10. Don’t Give Up & Stay Committed

As mentioned above, DO NOT GIVE UP!  During your rehab period, you will go into a “phase” of drug withdrawal. These symptoms your body experiences when you suddenly stop or reduce chronic use of drugs or alcohol can be serious and may seem life-threatening. Some more common, serious symptoms are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle cramps, muscle aches, muscle tension, tremors, increased appetite, dehydration, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, and memory issues. 

However, you can overcome these by medical detox or medically assisted treatments. 

#11. Celebrate The Accomplishment 

Now that you completed your mission of overcoming drug abuse, you deserve to celebrate your victory. Buy a “token of appreciation” for your success. It could be something as simple as cake. Or it could also be a more expensive product like a cellphone. 

#12. Give Enough Time To Your Friends & Family

Your new life and new beginning shall be dedicated to your family and close, genuine friends. Start enjoying moments with your family and friends.  Go out on trips; enjoy a movie or show on the weekends, or just participate in group discussion. It is your time to redeem yourself into a happy, normal person. Be excited about your future with your family. 

How does AMAR Home help to Recover from Drug Addiction?

AMAR HOME is a treatment and rehab center in Bangladesh dedicated to drug-addicted patients. They have an impressive line of services and treatments for addicted people. They customize the treatment according to the client’s needs but with planned structure and compassion and empathy for the clients. 

Amar Home serves clients with outpatient programs, residual inpatient programs, drug testing, and after-care treatment. The center’s wide range of treatments and services, pertaining to an individualized plan for each patient helps its clients recover from drug addiction with a strong success rate and innovation.  

Final Words

The legendary poet, Alexander Pope, once famously said:  “to err is human”. Keeping this in mind, drug addiction is a human error.  Like other mistakes, one can redeem themselves from it and restart a new life. People with a drug addiction should not be neglected or trifled.  Rather, one should empathize with them and help them recover. 

If you are addicted, do not think your life is over. Take a stand to get out of this mess, set a mission for recovery with clear objectives, and take expert consultation and treatment from  AMAR HOME to begin a new life with new dreams.

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