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AMAR HOME is a renowned drug addiction treatment and rehab center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We help to recover the individuals suffering from drug addiction. A compassionate and cooperative environment that gives the feeling of a second home away from home.

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Best Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation Center in Dhaka

Is there anyone looking forward to changing their life? Facing challenges to overcome from the addiction? Want to recover from the addiction fully and be happy in life? Then Amar Home might be the last option or hope to change your life again. 

We are entirely focused on the recovery process from scratch. We identify the core reason behind the addiction. Each and every addicted person required a unique and customized treatment plan for recovery. As the Best rehab center in Dhaka, We are ready to provide holistic treatment including modern and evidence-based therapies.

Our Addiction Treatment Program

Committing to abstaining from drugs shouldn’t damage your life. If you’re ready to take part in a world-class rehab and addiction treatment facility, get in touch with AMAR Home today. We are the Best Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Bangladesh.

Drug Testing

Prerequisite to assess the drug abuse in prilimiry stage of drug addiction treatment. The treatment plan is designed on the basis of drug abuse.

Inpatient Treatment

Residential treatment programs at AMAR HOME provide patients with a monitored, supportive environment for the duration of their recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs at AMAR HOME enable patients to continue working and commuting with their families during an inpatient stay in healthy process.

Aftercare Treatment

A continuing care is offered in a structured manner where a person enjoy the progress after completing a formal addiction treatment program.

About us

AMAR Home is a prominent drug  rehabilitation center in Bangladesh. Serving more than 10 years with immense success and contributing to society by providing quality care and helping the people overcome the challenges of drug addiction. 

We're Specialized In Drug Addiction Treatment


Treatment of Cocaine Addiction

People with a strong addiction to cocaine, experience severe substantial cravings and could not able to resist them to consume drugs. Excessive consumption of cocaine might be responsible for an unhealthy and abnormal lifestyle. It may hamper professional and personal life.  A successful recovery from cocaine abuse depends upon the right treatment plan. This management plan can include medically-managed detoxification and psychotherapy.


Treatment of Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an extremely strong opioid drug that is abused for its euphoric feeling. Excessive consumption of heroin might be life-threatening and may lead to severe health complications. With a strong addiction to heroin, people could not resist themselves to consume drugs despite the negative consequences that arise on their mental and physical health. If you are addicted to Heroin, It is possible to recover successfully through detoxification and other therapies.


Treatment of Painkiller Addiction

Painkillers are widely used as prescribed medicine to treat severe discomfort and pain caused by injury. These opioid drugs are responsible for producing a euphoric effect. Excessive consumption of painkillers might threaten to destroy physical health and mental well-being. A rehabilitation center has facilities to recover successfully from painkiller addiction. Medically-assisted detoxification program with a psychotherapy approach to returning to a healthier life. 


Treatment of Weed Addiction

Weed is a widely used drug or addictive substance all over Bangladesh. Weed can be considered a serious problem when a person becomes dependent on weed. Long-term and excessive use of weed may develop severe health complications. Withdrawal symptoms are generally triggered within a week of discontinuing the use of weed. Evidence-based therapies and other scientifically proven approaches can be effective solutions to recovering a person from weed addiction.    


Treatment of Yaba Addiction

This crazy medicine is popular in Southeast Asia. The tablet is a combination of Methamphetamine & Caffeine. People are addicted to Yaba because of its availability and affordability. Excessive and long-term use of Yaba may trigger serious health complications. The initial withdrawal period typically lasts for one week. In Yaba addiction treatment, Post-detox intervention includes the development of life skills, Individual therapy, group therapy, and a family support program.


Treatment of Sleeping Pill Addiction

People intake sedative drugs as prescribed medicines to treat anxiety and sleeping disorders. Sometimes long term use of drugs becomes dependent on sleeping pills which may lead to developing severe health complications. Withdrawal from sedative drugs might be dangerous in some cases. Detoxification is highly recommended to start with the initial treatment phase. A personalized treatment plan will be developed to recover from the strong addiction. 

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Eissin Arafat
Eissin Arafat
Friendly environment, great service from staff, good hospitality. Highly recommended.
Mushfikure Rahman
Mushfikure Rahman
They're the best drug addiction treatment Center. ভাল মাদকাসক্তি নিরাময় কেন্দ্র।
MD:Mahabub MD:Mahabub Khan
MD:Mahabub MD:Mahabub Khan
Very pleased about Their Service. Highly recommended.
Saidur Rhoman
Saidur Rhoman
Best hospital for drug addiction treatment in Dhaka. Great services.
abam maruf
abam maruf
Best of luck for the future as drug addiction treatment hospital.
Ponkaz Das
Ponkaz Das
Good hospital for drug addiction treatment in Dhaka. Services are good. They're honest and faithful in Their service.
Akash Chandra Dey
Akash Chandra Dey
One of The good drug addiction hospital as Far i know.
Md Maruf
Md Maruf
One of the best option for drug treatment as fear I know. Keep the great work.
Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
Many organisations are working for drug addiction treatment but i think amar home is different from other organisations. Satisfied with dedicated service & environment. Hope for the best & touch the milestone.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment That Works

Each substance-abuse treatment program is personalized and customized to the requirements of its individual client. The addiction programs differ according to the severity and level of addiction to controlled substances.

Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is not quite easy. It requires tremendous effort and willpower to recover successfully. 

When an addicted person enters the alcohol and drug addiction program, he or she has to start a journey through several stages. 

Evidence-based practices and clinically proven methods will be applied in the addiction treatment program. The therapeutic program will be designed by addiction specialists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and healthcare professionals.

What Makes Us Different?

For nearly 10 years, people have chosen AMAR Home, founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh, as their preferred rehabilitation center. We have expertise in drug addiction treatment. We create a unique experience for you right from the beginning.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Every client is unique and different. We are deeply concerned about our mental health. Our dedicated team works together to create a personalized treatment plan for every client.

Family Support Services

No one can become healthy without the support of their family. So we have programs for families, where they can learn to behave and interact with their family members in this changed situation. We have a functional family support program.

Evidence-Based Comprehensive Treatment

Our highly experienced and certified doctors provide the treatment according to the need. Our comprehensive program for drug addiction treatments includes detoxification, and outpatient and residency facilities.

Cultural & Social Activities

Cultural programs are a very important therapeutic practice for human beings. We help our clients to create their own cultural program. During festival season they create interesting programs and write their own plays.

Modern Facilities & Amenities

We believe spacious places help people to widen their mind. It gives people the chance to breathe deeply and look into their soul. Our comfortable and healthy living environment helps to treat anyone even more better.

Life Long Aftercare Support

We provide a Aftercare treatment support for individual clients who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse issues. A complete and effective treatment solutions are available at our drug addiction rehabilitation center.

Meet Our Professionals Expert

Our medical professionals are specialized in drug addiction treatment
and mental health therapy. Each person in our program receives customized treatment that is tailored to meet their specific needs. 

DR. Md. Shakhawat Hossain

M.B.B.S (DU), MPH(NSU) PGT(Medicine)

 Sp. Training in Addiction Treatment Director (Medical Unit)

Dr. Md. Omar Faruk

Residential Doctor

 Head of Medical Unit

Md. Tanvir Ahmed

Director Of Program

 Addiction Professional – (ICAP I)

Our Success Story

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Frequently Asked Question

We will welcome you with greetings. Then our staff will collect your medical samples and ask for vital information related to your medical history. These medical samples will help to determine the level of treatment.
After submission of the application forms, our staff will prepare an inventory list that the items that come along with you. Once the intake process is complete our intake coordinator will take you to your assigned bedroom.

When you arrive at AMAR HOME, you’ll be given a mental evaluation within the very first 24 hours to guarantee any mental health issues are addressed. Our treatment programs are designed to address the whole individual and not just their addiction.

Length of treatment depends on the individual needs and recommendations of medical professionals. The treatments are tailor-made according to the requirements of the patients’ medical conditions and main objectives. Dependent upon the treatment duration, outcomes for patients improve.

Yes. We offer medication-assisted treatment. The medication is available at AMAR HOME.

Yes! We maintain the confidentiality in a strict manner. 

Pack according to your need. We choose to provide complimentary laundry services, and thus you can bring lightly worn clothing and shoes from home. If you choose to bring along a few good books to read and daily needs bring that too.

Yes, we have physicians and psychiatrists who are experts in addiction. Our medical team is available 24/7. Clients can meet regularly with their doctors as needed.

Foods are prepared in our kitchen. We have experienced chefs to cook the food. We serve three healthy meals along with snacks.

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