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We are an authorized and best drug addiction rehab center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Overcome your drug addiction and return to a healthy life. Our welcoming rehab center will make you feel like you’re living at home.

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Drug Addiction Recovery and Rehab Center in Dhaka
Drug Addiction Recovery Center in Dhaka

Best Drug Addiction Rehab Center in Dhaka

Is there anyone looking forward to changing their life? Facing challenges to overcome from the addiction? Want to recover from the addiction fully and be happy in life? Then Amar Home might be the last option or hope to change your life again. 

We are entirely focused on the recovery process from scratch. We identify the core reason behind the addiction. Each and every addicted person required a unique and customized treatment plan for recovery. As the Best rehab center in Dhaka, We are ready to provide holistic treatment including modern and evidence-based therapies.

Our Addiction Treatment Program

Committing to abstaining from drugs shouldn’t damage your life. If you’re ready to take part in a world-class rehab and addiction treatment facility, get in touch with AMAR Home today. We are the Best Drug Addiction Rehab Center in Bangladesh.

Drug Testing

Drug Testing

Prerequisite to assess the drug abuse in prilimiry stage of drug addiction treatment. The treatment plan is designed on the basis of drug abuse.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient Treatment

Residential treatment programs at AMAR HOME provide patients with a monitored, supportive environment for the duration of their recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs at AMAR HOME enable patients to continue working and commuting with their families during an inpatient stay in healthy process.

Aftercare Treatment

Aftercare Treatment

A continuing care is offered in a structured manner where a person enjoy the progress after completing a formal addiction treatment program.

About us

AMAR Home is a prominent drug addiction rehab center in Bangladesh. Serving more than 10 years with immense success and contributing to society by providing quality care and helping the people overcome the challenges of drug addiction. 

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Eissin Arafat
Eissin Arafat
Friendly environment, great service from staff, good hospitality. Highly recommended.
Mushfikure Rahman
Mushfikure Rahman
They're the best drug addiction treatment Center. ভাল মাদকাসক্তি নিরাময় কেন্দ্র।
MD:Mahabub MD:Mahabub Khan
MD:Mahabub MD:Mahabub Khan
Very pleased about Their Service. Highly recommended.
Saidur Rhoman
Saidur Rhoman
Best hospital for drug addiction treatment in Dhaka. Great services.
abam maruf
abam maruf
Best of luck for the future as drug addiction treatment hospital.
Ponkaz Das
Ponkaz Das
Good hospital for drug addiction treatment in Dhaka. Services are good. They're honest and faithful in Their service.
Akash Chandra Dey
Akash Chandra Dey
One of The good drug addiction hospital as Far i know.
Md Maruf
Md Maruf
One of the best option for drug treatment as fear I know. Keep the great work.
Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed
Many organisations are working for drug addiction treatment but i think amar home is different from other organisations. Satisfied with dedicated service & environment. Hope for the best & touch the milestone.

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Drug and Alcohol Recovery Treatment That Works

Each substance-abuse treatment program is personalized and customized to the requirements of its individual client. The addiction programs differ according to the severity and level of addiction to controlled substances.

Treatment from alcohol and drug addiction is not quite easy. It requires tremendous effort and willpower to recover successfully. 

When an addicted person enters the alcohol and drug addiction program, he or she has to start a journey through several stages. 

Evidence-based practices and clinically proven methods will be applied in the addiction treatment program. The therapeutic program will be designed by addiction specialists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and healthcare professionals.

What Makes Us Different?

For nearly 10 years, people have chosen AMAR Home, founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh, as their preferred rehabilitation center. We have expertise in drug addiction treatment. We create a unique experience for you right from the beginning.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Every client is unique and different. We are deeply concerned about our mental health. Our dedicated team works together to create a personalized treatment plan for every client.

Family Support Services

No one can become healthy without the support of their family. So we have programs for families, where they can learn to behave and interact with their family members in this changed situation. We have a functional family support program.

Evidence-Based Comprehensive Treatment

Our highly experienced and certified doctors provide the treatment according to the need. Our comprehensive program for drug addiction treatments includes detoxification, and outpatient and residency facilities.

Cultural & Social Activities

Cultural programs are a very important therapeutic practice for human beings. We help our clients to create their own cultural program. During festival season they create interesting programs and write their own plays.

Modern Facilities & Amenities

We believe spacious places help people to widen their mind. It gives people the chance to breathe deeply and look into their soul. Our comfortable and healthy living environment helps to treat anyone even more better.

Life Long Aftercare Support

We provide a Aftercare treatment support for individual clients who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse issues. A complete and effective treatment solutions are available at our drug addiction rehabilitation center.

Meet Our Professional Experts

Our medical professionals are specialized in drug addiction recovery treatment
and mental health therapy. Each person in our program receives customized treatment that is tailored to meet their specific needs. 


Senior Clinical Psychologist,Psychological First Aid (PFA)

 Sp. Training in Addiction Treatment Director (Medical Unit)


Residential Doctor

 Head of Medical Unit


Psychosocial Counselor

Psychological Counselor and Addiction Professional – (ICAP I)

Our Success Story

Frequently Asked Question

Drug recovery is an organized interaction that assists people with beating substance misuse and fixation. It includes clinical, mental, and social help to detoxify, oversee withdrawal, and fabricate a sans drug life through treatment and directing.

Substance addictions (such as drugs and alcohol), behavioral addictions (such as gambling and gaming), and psychological addictions (such as eating and shopping) are all examples of addiction. These obsessive habits can have a significant influence on one’s health, relationships, and everyday functioning.

Drug addiction is often treated with a mix of therapy. Behavioral treatments to address underlying reasons and modify habits, medicines to control withdrawal and cravings, counseling to create coping techniques, and support groups for continuing recovery and relapse prevention are all part of the treatment plan.

The average length of drug addiction recovery treatment at Amar Home Drug Junkies recovery center in Dhaka changes in view of individual necessities. Treatment might most recent a little while to months, including detoxification, ongoing or short term care, and aftercare. Amar Home Drug Junkies is a main drug addiction recovery and rehab center in Dhaka, offering complete administrations to help people on their excursion to recuperation.

On the off chance that you or a friend or family member needs help with drug addiction, consider contacting Amar Home Drug Junkies restoration center in Dhaka for customized care and backing.

At Amar Home Drug Addiction Recovery and Rehab Center, we offer an exhaustive scope of treatments to give compelling drug addiction treatment and recovery administrations. Our proof put together methodology centers with respect to tending to the physical, mental, and close to home parts of addiction. Our treatments are customized to every individual’s requirements and may incorporate individual advising, bunch treatment, mental social treatment (CBT), persuasive conduct treatment (DBT), inspirational meeting, and family treatment.

Individual advising meetings permit our talented advisors to work one-on-one with clients, diving into the underlying drivers of their addiction and creating customized survival techniques. Bunch treatment offers a strong climate for people to share their encounters, gain from others, and fabricate a feeling of local area. CBT and DBT assist people with testing pessimistic idea designs and foster better ways of behaving. Persuasive meeting encourages interior inspiration for positive change. Family treatment includes friends and family in the recuperating system, advancing comprehension and a strong organization for long haul recuperation.

At Amar Home, we want to engage people on their excursion to recuperation, outfitting them with the devices and backing expected to beat addiction and embrace a better, sans drug life. As a main drug addiction recovery and rehab center in Bangladesh, we are focused on directing our clients towards enduring recuperation and worked on prosperity.

Addiction recovery, increased physical and mental health, repaired relationships, improved life skills, and reduced criminal activity are all benefits of rehabilitation. It enables people to reintegrate into society, find work, and live productive lives, all while ending the cycle of addiction and increasing general well-being.

Yes, Amar Home Drug Fiend offers customized restoration programs for drug addiction recovery. As a main drug addiction recovery and rehab center in Dhaka, Amar Home gives fitted treatment intends to address the particular requirements of every person.

Their exhaustive administrations plan to help clients all through their recuperation process. With an emphasis on drug addiction recovery and rehab center in Bangladesh, Amar Home is focused on offering humane consideration and proof based treatments to assist people with accomplishing enduring recuperation from substance misuse.

Drug addiction changes the reward system and neuronal connections in the brain, resulting in severe cravings and loss of control. It interferes with the brain’s normal functions, impairing decision-making, impulse control, and judgment. Long-term drug use can alter brain chemistry, weaken memory, and disturb emotional control, making quitting difficult and relapse more probable.

When a drug addict refuses aid, they may do so due to denial, fear of change, or the appeal of narcotics. Interventions by loved ones, education on the repercussions, and professional assistance can all be critical. Finally, obtaining treatment may necessitate breaking down their resistance and assisting them in seeing the significance of healing.

Drug addiction is caused by a complex interaction of biological, psychological, and environmental variables. Curiosity or peer pressure are common motivators for first-time drug usage. Repeated usage changes the chemistry of the brain, resulting in tolerance and dependency. Genetics, mental health, and the environment all have a role in making quitting difficult and raising the likelihood of recurrence.

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