AMAR Home Community
“AMAR Home Community” – A platform initiated for the betterment of underprivileged people in our society. Their success stories of surviving against the odds will inspire us to do better. This initiative may not change the lives of all the people but we believe that this initiative will inspire many. Drug addicts are seen as a burden to our society and family. It is very true that the family and society are affected by them in various ways due to the disease of drug addiction as well as they themselves are greatly affected. Even when they return to a healthy and normal life through treatment, these social stigmas do not leave them behind. We provide services to those who are living healthy and normal drug-free lives today.

“AMAR Home Community” gives these people an opportunity to do something good for society after treatment. After overcoming inferiority, they regain confidence in life and gradually build their positive position in society and family. By participating as volunteers in various service activities of “AMAR Home Community” they can understand the sufferings of the underprivileged people who are struggling in life. Which motivates them to fight drugs and survive in a normal life?

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