Medical Detox Program

Severe addiction may require intensive round-the-clock treatment that only a residential inpatient program can offer.

Medical Detox Program

Recovery from substance use and dependence will not be permanent without a series of preliminary medical detoxification steps. Without this initial phase for physical and mental dependence, the need for long-term rehabilitation at AMAR HOME will be impossible. By thoroughly neutralizing the substance of abuse in your bloodstream, we will be able to begin your long-term recovery.

With the assistance of our professional treatment, you can go through drug detox in a secure and discreet setting. The process we provide will allow you to confront the situations that made you dependent on drugs so you can build meaningful lifelong sobriety. By understanding the basics of our program and how it can help you, you can find out if it’s right for you.

Our Facilities

One-On-One Counseling

We provide exclusive one-on-one physical counseling for mental wellbeing and healthcare support.

Medicine-Assisted Treatment

This is used to treat substance use disorders as well as sustain recovery and prevent overdose.

Certified Medical Professionals

A certified medical professional and healthcare expert team is always ready to serve.

Customized Therapy For Individual

We apply special technique for personalized thepary according to the requirement of the treatment.

Private Room & Recreation

We offer personalized room & amenities for recreation purpose to meet the satisfactory of our clients.

24/7 Medical Care Support

A dedicated medical care support is always ready to provide support in case of any emergency.

Why choose medical detox Program

Withdrawing the use of drugs or alcohol might be uncomfortable, and harmful sometimes it might be life-threatening.

This substance abuse definitely affects the vital organs of your body. Because long time use of substances will help to develop dependency  which will directly impact your behavior, decision-making, judgment, self-control.   

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A Safe environment for detox

If you are looking for detoxification, our inpatient medical detox program at AMAR HOME can provide it for you. Here, you’ll receive high-quality care in a comfortable and homelike setting. The staff of this center will coordinate an interdisciplinary care plan for you with a medical team and medical practitioner.

Individual treatment

There is no "one-size-fits-all" detoxification plan. Our staff of intake professionals will develop a treatment plan to meet your unique needs. In the case of extreme withdrawal, they may prescribe medications to help manage your problem. Detox is done with constant medical supervision so treatment modifications can be made along the way.

Inpatient Detox

Inpatient detox is the most involved and engaging form of treatment, requiring an extended stay at the recovery facility. The advantages of inpatient detox include the fact that it provides 24 / 7 medical care and psychiatric monitoring in a medical-controlled environment, ensuring that recovery is much more successful.

Co-occurring conditions

If you suffer from co-occurring physical and mental disabilities, inpatient medical detoxification would be best for you. Our doctors and specialists are trained in handling substance abuse problems when present in conjunction with additional conditions.

A safe environment

Being in a threatening or hazardous environment can make detox considerably harder. This is the reason our facility maintains a supportive, safe environment that will help you heal from substance abuse and provide a stable context for like-minded peers.

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Detox is a procedure that takes place in three to seven days depending on what drug(s) a person is using, the intensity of their dependence, and their level of symptoms after drug withdrawal. The symptoms usually begin within one to three hours after drug usage is terminated, peaking at between two and three days depending on the length of time the person was abusing drugs.

Doing this is a crucial period in the detox process because it is when individuals are most likely to experience withdrawal symptoms.

In the medical detoxification process, medical and psychiatric experts seek to treat and stabilize you by using a number of medications, medical interventions, therapies, and alternative treatments along the way. Treatment is customized according to its objectives and changes are made as needed to maintain comfort and effectiveness.

The ultimate goal of medical detoxification is to chemically and mentally purge your body of the addictive substance before starting psychiatric treatments. In other words, medical treatment is the act that initiates the release of certain mental states before seeking long-term rehabilitation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do all drugs require medical detox?

Whether detox is needed or recommended depends on the type of drug used and the degree of dependency. Not all drugs have severe withdrawal symptoms, making detox easier to handle without medical assistance. However, psychoactive drugs can establish changes to your brain chemistry when used for an extended duration. Brain chemicals, neurotransmitters, and hormones can be altered during drug abuse ceases. In such instances, a medical detox may be recommended to reestablish your machinery and minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Is Medical Detox Safe?

Detoxification has all been proven as effective in eliminating chemical compounds from the body. The process is closely monitored by medical professionals in a large, controlled facility, reducing the risk of dangerous side effects and relapse. Vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature are closely monitored.

What happens after detox?

A complete wellness plan is usually made part of the after-successful detox process. If detox was part of a inpatient treatment, seamless travel between levels of care is possible. The medical personnel at the recovery facility can facilitate such transitions, providing ongoing support and monitoring throughout the procedure. Detox addresses the physiological components of drug use and abuse, which is why it's typically the very first step during longer alcohol and drug abuse therapy. Throughout continued treatment, individuals learn to identify and prevent adverse thoughts and emotions that trigger substance abuse, start to replace negative patterns and behaviors, and improve their social and life skills.

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